We have provided marketing services to financial advisors since 2003.

Our Evolution

We started as an investor education service when our book, Who’s Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor, was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2003.

We launched an investor education website in April 2004 that was based on the 17 Principles in our book. The content on our first-of-its-kind website taught investors how to find, research, and select high quality financial advisors – limited to RIAs and IARs.


The topic of our book and timing resonated with the media and investors. This visibility produced a substantial amount of traffic for our new investor website (www.PaladinRegistry.com). Almost immediately, we started receiving inquiries from investors asking about local financial advisors who had been reviewed by Paladin’s research department.

Paladin Registry

This demand caused us to launch a new version of our website in October 2004 that included a Registry of 360 vetted financial advisors. Since then, more than two million investors have viewed the educational content on our website and we have matched more than 325,000 of them ($135 billion of assets) to advisors who are listed in our Registry.

We were there when Google was 50 cents a click for keywords that produced $4 leads for financial advisors. We were there when Google’s click rate went to $30 and the cost for an unvalidated lead rose to $420. This extraordinary increase in expense caused Paladin to begin using digital marketing strategies to produce its own leads for members of its Registry.

Paladin Digital Marketing

In 2014 we started receiving requests for digital marketing services from our members. We responded by providing three types of digital marketing services to RIAs and IARs:

  • Inbound marketing for Internet visibility and website traffic
  • Custom websites that convert traffic into leads
  • Digital marketing consulting services
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We help RIAs and IARs add new clients.

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How can we help?